Introducing The Skeleton Crew

Writers are not islands.

Or, they shouldn’t be.

In my case, I wrote in solitude for a long time before I discovered the absolute lifeblood of a writer’s life, which is….drumroll…other people!

Today, I’m introducing you to a few of the people who have made my writing life a little more full. They’re part of “Kell’s Skeleton Crew” a street team designed to support me and lift me up and help me brainstorm nefarious deeds and precarious situations into which I can fling my characters. The following represents just a few members of the crew. Others prefer to work behind the scenes in full Slytherin mode, and for them, I am eternally grateful, as well. But for those members of the Crew who deign to look up from their hidey-holes of awesomeness to show their faces to the world, I bid you a formal, official, public welcome. Now, everyone else can see how lovely you are, too.



the president

Vicky is a teenage book blogger, aspiring author, and artist! She is passionate about everything she does and has absolutely no chill when talking about her favorite books. You can usually find her reading under the covers or buried under a pile of homework. Find Vicky on her blogTwitter, or Instagram.



the superstar

Kelly Anne Blount is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author and Wattpad Star. Her works have racked up over 20 million reads on Wattpad and her contributions to Tap, Wattpad’s app for chat-style stories, have been “tapped” over 50 million times. Her YA dark thriller, CAPTURED, is being produced by Komixx Entertainment (The Kissing Booth) and Sony Pictures Television. Be sure to keep an eye out for Kelly’s upcoming releases! Her YA sports romance, GOAL TENDING, will be available in 2020 (Entangled) and the CAPTURED audiobook (Audible) will be coming out soon. For more information, visit @KellyAnneBlount on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook or check her out on Amazon or her website.


the dreamer

Her name is Meredeth but everyone calls her Tessa. Dreamer, avid reader, and bibliophile. She loves hardbound books, plushies, and animals. She has her mind constantly up in the clouds, so reading is her passion and escape! You can follow Tessa on Twitter and Instagram.



the editor

Jordyn is a student at a high school in Florida. She writes for her school’s literary magazine and is an editor on her school’s newspaper. Reading is (surprisingly!) her favorite pastime, and she loves to write. She’s a sucker for a character-driven story and couldn’t possibly list her favorite books. She’s been blogging since 2016, and often procrastinates by scrolling through Twitter. She blogs at Jordz the Bibliophile. She can also be found on Instagram and Twitter.



the world traveler

Loie Dunn is a full-time writer of fiction, blogs, and articles. She lives on the East Coast of Canada and is currently querying her sea-faring YA fantasy. She has traveled to Ireland, Haiti, Israel, Mexico, Rome, Wales, Scotland, and England. Please visit her at She loves to meet fellow writers and connect with them. In her free time, she likes to collect sea glass on the beach with her sparky 17-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


the wordsmith

Meaghan is a YA book blogger over at The Words Gremlin, and she holds a deep love of baked goods and good words (only one of which she's actually decent at making). When she isn't blogging, she's probably spending time with her three rabbits or buried under the covers with a good book. She also has a notebook hoarding problem, but just because shiny new notebooks haven't solved all her problems yet doesn't mean they never will. Obviously the solution is just to get more! You can follow her on her blog, Twitter, and Instagram!



the talent

Taylor Fenner is a YA multi-genre author and owner of Taylor Fenner’s Bookish World Blog. When not staring at a blank word document she can be found reading and drinking her weight in coffee at her local coffee shop. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and via her blog!


the PR goddess

Meredith is a full-time children's bookseller and part-time publicist. She blogs at Pandora’s Books, a YA book blog she founded in an attempt to meet people who are just as book-crazy as she is. She loves to read (obviously), write, and yell “PUPPY!” at every dog that wanders into her line of sight. She’s a proud Hufflepuff residing in the Grishaverse, and is obsessed with the television show Reign. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram!


the scientist

JJ is a twenty-something book lover living in Texas. Following through with her lifelong love of sharks, she trained as an oceanographer and currently works in the earth and marine science fields. In her spare time she’s either reading or finding new books to enjoy. Since she attended LSU for her undergraduate degree, she also spends most of the year rooting for her Bayou Bengals in football and baseball— Geaux Tigers! While she reads nearly any genre of book, she particularly adores fantasy and science fiction with a darker edge, which is why she’s so excited for Kelly's debut this fall! Follow her blog, or connect with her on Twitter and Instagram!