Fierce Female Characters to Get to Know in 2019: Part 2

It’s round two of the #Novel19s Fierce Female characters that you absolutely must meet. These characters are noble and selfless, passionate and smart. Some of them brave the unforgiving cold of their icy planets to save their families while others stand tall in a sea of faces to shout their truth. Wanna learn a little more about a few of them? Take a read about each in their brilliant author’s own words!



By Gita Trelease

Pub date: February 5

Determined, passionate, and just a tiny bit reckless, magician Camille Durbonne risks her own safety to save her sister, all the while gambling that she may be able to transform their lives. As an impoverished girl living in Paris at the end of the eighteenth century, she must also fight to defy the limits society—and class—have placed on what she can do.



By Jodie Lynn Zdrok

Pub date: February 12

Clever. Curious. Adventurous. And if we're being honest, an appetite for the morbid. Nathalie Baudin, newspaper reporter for the public morgue in 1887 Paris, discovers a magical ability that could help track down the serial killer terrorizing the city. Bold and confident, she takes her ability, her job, and her relationships seriously--while still making time for pain au chocolat, cafés with friends, and her beloved white cat.



Opposite of Always
By Justin A. Reynolds

Pub date: March 5

Kate is ultra-comfortable in her skin. She’s most happy when she’s building others up, when she’s working to improve her community. She’s fiercely loyal but also cautious about whom she trusts. She’s funny (please don’t come for her), hella charming (just ask Jack!), and she has zero clue what she wants to be when she “grows up”; mostly because she knows she contains multitudes. She can be anything she wants.



The Waking Forest
By Alyssa Wees

Pub date: March 12

Rhea Ravenna, eldest of four sisters, has terrifying nightmares that no one can see but her. She's always loved games and riddles, but the mystery of her visions is one puzzle she doesn't seem able to solve. As the darkness of the forest and its secrets bleed into her waking life, Rhea's determination and love for her family push her to discover a light within herself and to turn the worst nightmare into the sweetest of dreams.



Pub date: July 2

Elise Ferro is just as tough as her idol, The Bride from Kill Bill: if you cross her or hers, you'll regret it. Dangerously creative and smart, she devises perfect pranks as payback, but she only uses her powers for good, like standing up for bullied students. To her best friend, Remy, she is the patron saint of the wronged and her guardian angel--that is, until the moment Elise goes too far...

The Best Lies
By Sarah Lyu


House of Salt and Sorrows
By Erin A. Craig

Pub date: August 6

Annaleigh Thaumas, born the sixth of twelve daughters to the Duke of Salann, now stands as second in line for the title. Four of her older sisters have died under increasingly mysterious circumstances. Though many in their island community believe the family to be cursed, Annaleigh suspects there is a far too real explanation for her sister's deaths and won't let anything-- even a series of beautiful balls, dazzling dresses, and handsome dance partners-- stop her from saving the rest of her sisters.



Pub date: August 6

Made of dust and bone and imagination, Irréelle fears she’s not quite real. But no matter how she came to be (dark magic) and no matter how strange she appears (white-haired and crooked-boned), on the inside, her hope burns sharp and bright. Full of love for her friends, her fiercely beating heart always leads the way, even along the darkest of paths.

The Bone Garden
By Heather Kassner


Rise of the Dragon Moon
By Gabrielle K. Byrne

Pub date: August 6

Toli Strongarm is as tough as it's possible to be. She hunts the deep ice of Ire with her mentor, Spar, training for the dragon attack she's sure will come. She has a fierce need to protect her Queendom--and her little sister. She longs to teach the dragons that they crossed the wrong Princess, and defies them more than once, facing outrageous odds in her journey across the wasteland to confront them. When she becomes responsible for the care of a dragon youngling, she must learn that trust is a force too, and one that is as strong and fierce as the elements around her. 



Color Me In
By Natasha Diaz

Pub date: August 20

Nevaeh is a bit out of touch, but she's open to changing, even if it takes her a little while to accept the truth. She's fallen into a bit of a well of self-pity when we first meet her, but once she's set straight and has her spirit back, Nevaeh realizes she has something to say and even more, that her voice can make a difference.



Dear Haiti, Love Alaine
By Maika Moulite, Maritza Moulite

Pub date: September 3

When a school presentation goes very wrong, Alaine Beauparlant finds herself suspended and shipped off to Haiti where her mom is recovering from a fiasco of her own. She spends the next two months completing what her school calls a “spring volunteer immersion project.” As she works to save her academic standing, she learns the truth about her mother’s meltdown—and how she might be able to help—setting Alaine on a path that she never could have imagined.