12 Fierce Female Characters to Get to Know in 2019: Part 1

It’s 2019! The #Novel19s, (we young adult and middle grade authors debuting this year), have written some FIERCE, AMAZING female characters into our stories. They’re compassionate and brave. They’re loyal and true. They’re cunning and smart. They’re strong and defiant. Some will do ANYTHING to protect their families or will stop at nothing to get their goals. Wanna learn a little more about a few of them? Check ‘em out here in each author’s own words!



Match Me If You Can
By Tiana Smith

Pub date: January 8

In MATCH ME IF YOU CAN, Mia has big goals and is always striving for something better. Sometimes she makes mistakes, but her heart is in a good place. She wants to be a journalist and she works hard to make that happen.

When the Truth Unravels FINAL cover - RuthAnne F.jpg


When the Truth Unravels
By RuthAnne Snow

Pub date: January 8

Jenna Sinclair never met a challenge she couldn't handle. She's class vice president, an athlete, and a straight-A student. She's unapologetically ambitious and used to being the most competent person in the room. So why is she tripping-over-her-own-feet drunk on prom night?

Immoral Code.jpg


Immoral Code
By Lillian Clark

Pub date: February 19

Nari is a white hat hacker, social justice warrior extraordinaire, plotting world domination and kicking ass while looking cute. For Nari, aka Narioka Diane, aka hacker digital alter ego “d0l0s," it’s college and then a career at “one of the big ones," like Google or Apple.  She’s smart, fiercely loyal, and isn’t about to let her friend Bellamy’s dreams of college be squashed by a deadbeat billionaire dad, so she hatches a plan to steal just enough from him to allow Bellamy to achieve her goals. 

Just for Clicks.jpg


Just for Clicks
By Kara McDowell

Pub date: February 19

Claire is a viral beauty blogger, coder, and all-around awkward human. She loves her family but is struggling to know how much of herself she should give up to make them happy.



The Fever King (Feverwake)
By Victoria Lee

Pub date: March 1

Carter Ames, or just “Ames” to those who know her best, is a snarky, smart witching with lots of tattoos and a penchant for keeping other people’s terrible secrets. Favorite tattoo: The dead flowers on her thigh Favorite band: Bikini Kill Favorite pastime: Mocking Dara Shirazi Favorite color: Anything but orange, orange is actually the worst. Favorite food: The fries you can get from that one chicken and waffles place on Main Street. Also Baikal caviar but god that’s embarrassing. Favorite human: Bethany Glennis, but like, in a “must protect” kinda way.



The Quiet You Carry
By Nikki Barthelmess

Pub date: March 5

Victoria is smart, driven, and introspective. She doesn’t want to let the adversity of foster care kill her dreams of going to college. She’ll also do whatever she can to take care of her loved ones.

If You're Out There.jpg


If You're Out There
By Katy Loutzenhiser

Pub date: March 5

Zan is fiercely loyal, with a stubbornness that is somehow both her best and worst quality. She's sharp with her words, and she'll deck a guy if he's a threat to someone she cares about. And, at the end of the day, she's strongest in the sense that she loves people to the fullest, bravely, no matter the risk.



Pub date: March 26

Lyndie B. Hawkins is a history obsessed, truth obsessed 11-year-old spitfire who never takes received wisdom for granted. Call her skeptical. She *always* has to do her own digging to figure out what's what.

We Rule the Night.jpg


We Rule the Night
By Claire Eliza Bartlett

Pub date: April 2

Revna's not always sure of herself, but she's certain of one thing: her family deserves better than the lot they were given. She's willing to do anything for them, even fight a war for the country that ruined them and left them behind. With two prosthetic legs, she's used to being underestimated and she tries not to let that get under her skin. 



You'd Be Mine: A Novel
By Erin Hahn

Pub date: April 2

Annie Mathers is the almost 18yo daughter of country music’s greatest tragedy. She probably should avoid the spotlight, history being what it is, but everything in her screams for that feeling of being alive on stage, singing her soul for thousands. She’s sweet, fiery and fiercely loyal to her best friends and band mates. She’s also damaged and growing. Her faith is the solid foundation she draws from, and her charm is what draws the masses.



Hot Dog Girl
By Jennifer Dugan

Pub date: April 30

Say what you want about Elouise Parker, but she doesn’t give up. Sure she’s sometimes a bit of a mess, but she’s also strong willed and not afraid to do whatever it takes to make things happen— whether that means concocting an elaborate plan to save a theme park, rocking a hot dog suit or going above and beyond to find her perfect match. 

All Our Broken Pieces.jpg


All Our Broken Pieces
By L.D. Crichton

Pub date: May 7

Insightful, smart and sassy, Lennon is the type of Queen who has to stop to tie her Converse or to straighten her crooked crown (five times of course). She wants to be a costume designer, and a confident young woman who believes in herself so long as she’s not ordinary. Because normal is boring.