Stage Fright? Not for Mallory!

Molly Wellbrock.jpg

Full Name: Mallory Wellbrock

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Age: Almost 12!

Tell Me About Your Strength!

I've done over 20 plays and been singing since I was two.

I feel like my strength is being able to get up in front of crowds and being able to entertain them without being frightened.

Mallory, that can be a real challenge, for sure. Thanks for joining the "Strong Young Women" team! XOXO - Kelly

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Cameron is Mind, Body, and Soul Strong.

Cameron Siler-Nixon.jpg

Full Name: Cameron Siler-Nixon

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Age: 13

Tell Me About Your Strength!

I am strong in every way. I am strong in my mind, maintaining an A+ average in middle school helps me prepare for my goal of attending UNC or Washington-U. I am already beginning my high school grade point average in 8th grade by taking 4 high school credit classes. I expand my mind to think globally by traveling around the world with my Spanish teacher. 

I am strong in my body. I play volleyball, basketball and run track for my school. In my spare time, I take CrossFit classes with Ms. Kim at the Bob Sierra YMCA and volunteer around the community. I believe that it is important for girls to keep their bodies healthy and strong, so they will be able to take care of themselves and be prepared for any situation.  

I am strong in my soul. I love the Lord. He is the source of my strength and I know that I can always rely on him to show me the right path in any situation.  Growing up in this world is not easy with all of the standards we are held up to.  I know that I am beautiful and strong in God's eyes.  Because of this I know that who I am is all I need to be. Ultimately, strength comes from the inside and we can be and do anything we chose. I am strong and you can be too.

Cameron, your confidence shines through in your writing, and I'll bet it inspires other young women to believe in themselves, too. Thanks for adding your story to the "Strong Young Women" series! XOXO - Kelly

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