Risk-Taker Natalie Conquers a 1,000-lb. Animal


Full Name: Natalie Roell

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Age: 13

Tell Me About Your Strength!

I have always been curious, and have loved to learn new things and have new experiences. I really love horses and started taking riding lessons. One Saturday morning, I was two hours into my lesson when my horse, Isis, started disobeying my commands. She started galloping across the arena and wouldn't stop.

She bucked, and threw me into a fence.

I couldn't feel anything for a second, then my whole body started to hurt. But I stood back up, brushed off the dirt, and got back on the horse. This experience has taught me about being a risk-taker and not letting my fears overcome me.

Natalie, I can only imagine how much that must have hurt! Not too many people would be able to get over their fear and get back up on an animal that big, but you are as mentally tough as they come. Thanks so much for telling us your story. XOXO - Kelly

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