Jorja is Swimming Laps Around Her Competition

Full Name: Jorja Solak

Hometown: Lutz, Florida

Age: 13

Tell Me About Your Strength!


I am strong because I am excellent in school and in athletics. I swim early in the morning and in the afternoons after school, all the while keeping my grades up to A's!

My day consists of waking up at 4:20 a.m. for morning swim practice, then going to school. When I get home, I have about an hour to get all my homework and studying done, then I go back to swim practice for two hours.

I am mentally and intellectually strong because I am able to keep my athletic life up while maintaining good grades and a healthy mental state. I believe I am a strong, young, independent woman and I believe all young woman should be strong as well.

Something Unique About Me: I am a fast reader and can read a chapter book in a day!

Jorja, I think you wake up even before the birds! You show such dedication to your sport and academics; I bet you're swimming laps around everyone at the pool and at school, too. Thanks for telling your story! XOXO - Kelly

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