4 Reasons to Sign Up for My Newsletter

I get it. I do. Signing up for someone's newsletter means just one more thing to read in your inbox. But...listen. There are some pretty cool reasons to just go ahead and sign up for *mine*. Check 'em out. 

  1. Infrequency. Trust me, ain't nobody got time to send out weekly newsletters around here. You'll get one per month, or maybe another if there is MAJORLY IMPORTANT, all-caps news to share. That's it. 
  2. Sneak Peeks. A ton of you have been asking about my young adult novel, Kammani, the Healer. But guess what? Newsletter signer-uppers will get to read snapshots of the work in progress when no one else does. 
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  4. Your Happiness. Research published in the Journal of Social Psychology says that when you do a good deed for someone else (signing up for my newsletter), you experience greater life satisfaction. So really, it's for you, not me. Not me at all. ;-)

Convinced? Fabulous? Sign up here, and let the sneak peeks begin. I can't WAIT to show you what's up my main character Kammani's sleeve.