Alessia Dickson is a Teen Author and Motivational Speaker Despite her Illness


Full Name: Alessia Dickson

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Age: 18 

Tell Me About Your Strength!

I'm an award winning motivational speaker and teen author of my YA book series, The Crystal Chronicles. I stared writing at novels at age 6 and began writing The Crystal Chronicles at age 10. When I was in tenth grade at age 15, I published my book and it was eventually released a year later just after my 16 birthday! Soon after, I began touring local elementary and high schools as a motivational speaker, empowering students to dream big and realize their own potential. Since my publication, I've toured 48 schools and have spoken to over 20,000 students. I've won literary awards, appeared in a television interview, and was featured in a magazine article alongside James Patterson. I'm currently working on releasing my second book, and of course, continuing my work as a motivational speaker and attending university!

What a lot of people don't know however, is that I suffer from a debilitating chronic migraine disorder, which is actually one of the most debilitating diseases in the world! It has caused huge mental health issues in my life and I lost almost a year of school due to the condition. I'm a huge advocate for mental health and continuing to achieve things and keeping up hope while living with a physical disability. I would love to share my story to empower as many young people as I can! 

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Alessia, you are truly an inspiration to me! I can't imagine achieving what you've achieved at your age, but it goes to show you that you cannot discount someone just because she is young. I'm so impressed that you continue to fight for what you want despite your chronic condition. Way to show your strength! XOXO - Kelly

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