Vausi Smith Always Remembers Her Value

Vausi Smith

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Something Unique About Me: I have a "never quit" attitude!

Vausi's Strength:

Hello my name is Vausi. I am 12 years old and currently in the 7th grade. Last year, I was bullied by an older girl at school and it was very challenging mentally. I started to feel very sad and questioned my confidence. The turning point for me, was realizing that I shouldn't let anyone bring down my confidence. I talked to my Mom about the situation and she reminded me of how unique and special that I am. 

I hold my head high and always remember my value. It is very important to stand up for others who may be getting bullied and encourage them to stay strong and press on!

Vausi, thanks for being the first in my "Strong Young Woman" series! You never know who might have needed to hear this message today. XOXO - Kelly

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