Kelly's YA Fantasy


The Lugal is dying, and that is everything. 

Because if he dies, Kammani's little sister, Nanaea, dies, too. She's been chosen as one of three Sacred Maidens who will be buried alive to serve the king in the afterlife.

It's an honor.

A sacred tradition.

But Kammani, a 16-year-old healer's apprentice, who's been healing the sick with her father for the past ten years, recognizes it for what it really is: a death sentence.

And she cannot let her little sister, the one with whom she used to laugh and dance and sing, go. She just can't. Not after everything that happened with her mother and baby sister. 

Her mission? Heal the Lugal in her father's stead, since he has gone missing. The problem? She's just a healer's apprentice, and more lost than she cares to admit, even to herself. ⠀

She stood there, arrayed in glory like a peony with its face to the sun. What my sister didn’t realize, though, was that she was going to be no one’s queen. She’d cross to the other side in the arms of the Boatman.

And there was nothing I could do to stop it.
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